Our Full Service Graphic Department

Full Service from Start to Finish

We can provide design services, all the way up to and including implementation of the finished product, or anything in between! Implementation being the printed copy, insertion on a web page, or integration with a software application, depending on your needs.

Our Graphic Department's Lead Creative Designer is straight from Milan, Italy, with extensive experience in designing for both print and screen. Alessandra has worked for many years for a full service printing company in California as well as several design projects for software applications, Power Point Presentations, brochures, catalogs, books, covers and packaging (of tapes and CD's), logos and web sites.

Design Principles

We believe that good design comes from a combination of simple principles:

  • Communicate Clearly
  • Make Products Easy to Use
  • Design with the Audience in Mind

We take pride in offering design solutions to help you achieve a sharper image. Our goal is to develop graphic solutions for clients that require an Internet and Market presence, website design, graphic design, logo design, and web maintenance.

We work closely with our clients to meet all their expectations. This results in lasting relationships with our clients and satisfactory provision of design solutions for the web and print.

Our company is dedicated to meeting both your aspirations and deadlines.

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